Ideas for what the inside of a Gimkit HQ may look like

I decided not to add Quizlet because it’s not so much of a game compared to the others.

Fair enough. Same for Quizizz, I presume?

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im ok with destroying kahoot. the devs over there make their avatars look like a baby made em. but go after my homie blooket and you be clapped soo bad that you won’t be able to sit down. i play blooket as much as i do with gimkit bro.

I openly admit to having completely stopped using any other review game in favor of Gimkit the minute I found out it existed. A lot of the review games out there are almost entirely speed-based, which means I can have 100% accuracy and still finish bottom half because I took my time. Blooket is even worse; just about every single mode has some element of luck in it, and many of them require more luck than anything else. Many times I’ve had the fewest incorrect answers and still gotten dead last because of the fact that I check my answers before submitting them, and/or I got unlucky.
Gimkit has neither of those problems, which means that it is infinitely better than any alternative I’m aware of imo.


I know this is creepy… but this is what I got for version 1 :neutral_face::

omg, the furby of my nightmares. imma grab every turret and weapon from every US Army embassy and fortify my home to protect my homies and fam! (im joking bout the us army part, calm down)

How would I put this in my game though???

idk we can make a topic or somethin