Ideas for what the inside of a Gimkit HQ may look like

Sorry i havent been here its because of school and my head did hurt but ill try to dedicate some time here tommorow but then again im also busy then but i will see also maybe i could try showing my ideas in pictures?


Alright. I hope your head feels better!

It does also i made this you like it?


omg that’s a really fun idea!!!

hmmmm so it must probably be like a top-secret kind of thing so i think there would be a bunch of security stuff like keycards and security gates etc. maybe a huge vault where the servers for the blooket and kahoot games are stored.

and like maybe it can be like a secret mission kinda thing where you gotta get in and out without getting caught, cause it’s a mission you’re not supposed to tell anyone about.

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Ya know it would be really funny if josh got on and showed you pictures of gimkit HQ


yes, maybe you can do that and the player starts off in a room and then gets their email from gimkit about destroying Kahoot and blooket, but you said you needed interior so that probably doesn’t matter, and if there are sentries you have to face you can make them the colors of their logos :rofl: and I do not play Kahoot much, but like I said before, it can be the kahoot buttons (I have an idea how to do that, but not exactly sure) and @gimcraftor, since it is a mission that no one can know about, you can pretend to be hired by Kahoot and blooket too. and if there was a final boss, like some of you said, as the person who controls all three of the games. lets say that game can be a website for games. I don’t think this is a real website because I checked so maybe it should be called “” it shows a link but its not.


omg that sounds like a super cool idea!

I love the idea of making the sentries the colors of their logos, that’s such a neat touch. Also, the boss being the person who controls all games - so interesting!! it would be very challenging to fight them then cuz they would be super powerful :o

and yeah it doesn’t seem like that website is a real one so maybe coming up with an imaginary one like would be better and make it more immersive.

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@lil_bit do you have any ideas?

@AnyPerson Hawaii that’s my idea rn.

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like the PFP @lil_bit

and welcome to the forums @lil_bit

ummmmmmmmmmmm parker @AnyPerson

Maybe add a reception and maybe a room where they test new gamemodes or something like that, i dont really know but atleast maybe a reception or just standard offices since that is pretty standard.

So like a corporate espionage game? hmm…

Welcome to the forums by the way!

I’ll make some prototypes!

but what would the boss look like?
Kookit? is that a name fore kahoot blooket and gimkit? I know I will get replies saying “it sounds like your trying to say `Cook it.'”

oh yeah now that you say that, it could be read like “cook it” lol didn’t even realize that. but yeah i guess i was thinking it could be like a person that combined all three sites into one. maybe it could have the blooket eyes, kahoot ears, and the gimkit logo on it’s chest. idk just an idea, but thanks for liking it!

yea I was thinking the same… maybe I can try to reference

ooo ok, def go for it cause i’d like to see what you come up with for the design. i’m glad my idea at least gave you that spark of inspiration :slight_smile:

I’m more curious where Quizlet is, with everything happening around them.
Then again, they’re paid scheme is ridiculous, so they might be weaker than Kahoot and Blooket in this timeline.
Maybe Quizlet could be a tutorial for how to infiltrate or something?

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