Ideas for what the inside of a Gimkit HQ may look like

Top-down, I don’t have the season ticket. It’s probably easier to do top-down rather than platformer for this.

oh okk just making sure!

Make it like a hotel, and make it semetrical.

Pal, interior.

I know, the interior of a fancy hotel.

I don’t need a ton of rooms though. I don’t need beds either. Thanks for trying to help though.

Not beds, replace beds with a meeting room and office rooms.

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Do you still need ideas?

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Add a huge gimkit symbol in the entrance, and make the entrance a dome.

Already did that. It’s easier if it’s more of a rectangle.


sorry im late well i think a office and that is very like standard but maybe some unique features like a office for josh or something that is maybe a bit fun and also maybe tells you this is gimkit or this is blooket or kahoot if that makes sense.


Bumping is pretty fun, you guys should try it sometime. (I need more ideas guys, cmon!)

Dinosaur has been summoned.
I feel like if your going to have like texts like saying gimkit in the gimkit hq you should make it fugaz one (text style) since its the “classic” gimkit font


Do you have any more ideas? The prior ideas you gave me I already had.

if you want to go the interactable route, maybe try some vents you can enter and explore, like a maze


This is a great idea!!! It is Easter, so I could add some easter eggs…


hmmm… what if you can sneak into blooket and kahoot and hack servers or computers yk


I mean, that is kinda the whole idea of the game…

ahh ok hmm… what if kahoot and blooket has a board saying 5 most educational ways to destroy gimkit?