Ideas for what I should name my game

I’m making this game where you have to work together to make it out, but I want a unique name for it. Any ideas?

Whats the theme of the game?

I was thinking heroic or maybe bravery…

Hmm. Do you solve puzzles? If so:
Stick Together: A Heroic Puzzle Adventure
If not:
Stay With It: A Teamwork Game

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I solve puzzles sometimes once in a while, but those are some pretty good ideas.

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Is it space, medivial, modern, etc.?

Hmm…probably medivial…

Here Art Thou: An Old-Timey Teamwork Game

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Wow. Your really creative MirMirCreates, thanks for your help!

No prob! I made some shakesphere refences

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Haha! I could tell! Thanks again.

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17th century english…du hast mich kopiert. Or as it translates in english You copied me! When I was a quill persona to be exact… I used to do a LOT of 17th century english back then…

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