Ideas for Weapon Wars Remake

So im gonna remake a old game of mine: Weapon Wars (Here was the thumbnail:)
Screenshot (4)

Not the best thumbnail, i need ideas on how the games gonna play out.

Planned Stuff

Players Answering Questions to earn resources to fuel Gadgets
Roster of all Gadgets (Except for Pickaxe [Probably], that Gadget might see doomsday)
Map the size of a 0.5 screen. (You can suggest to change it)
People fighting each other for Knockouts as the points
The Map will be a Free-For-All (No Suggestions Relating to Teams)
EDIT: added a selection so the host can choose from Free-For-All and Teams (2)

Might rename it to “Gadget Wars”

Other Stuff

Made the lobby as of now, its quite small tbh. Here is the Design:

Made the Battle Arena. Its the size of a view of 0.5
Added Cameras to the Battle Area (For Lore)

Poll for Music Track
  • Creative Funk
  • Spy
  • Jazz Club
  • Peaceful Guitar
  • Epic Battle
  • Hip Hop - Neon
  • Hip Hop - Movement
  • Rock Band
  • Spooky
  • Wild West
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Well, sentries around the map. Possibly as merchants, maybe as foes.

Why Sentries?

Can i make you a better thumbnail?

Gonna make a separate topic about that which will show my attempt at a thumbnail

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So yes i can? Also you shouldnt do that because it will be flagged

`IDK, just because. A thing where the knockouts are a streak system where you get oofed, you lose some or all knockouts?

Wouldn’t that be like streak savers? I just want to make a game that’s like a battle royale without an elimination feature (Or maybe i would if i were to make seperate gamemodes).

Sure, go ahead.

(Not a Bump)
Yeah, this hasn’t got attention is the past 3 hours.

You could make where one team has a certain weapon, but also effects
Blaster, 2.0x Run Speed
Quantum Portal, 200 HP, 0.65x Run Speed

Wat? This is supposed to be a Free-For-All

maybe the quantum portal could do even more damage to solidify it as a hard hitter?

Should i move this to Help?

i can make you a gif trailer if you want me to… would give me something to do… also maybe randomized bosses battling and the players try to upgrade boss by crafting items to heal (like plants vs zombies but 2d) and players also pvp for resources to craft…?

yes i think so…im new but i would expect yes.

Alright, Also, when you say bosses, you mean that every now and then, a boss spawns in which the players can defeat to earn an advantage in the game? And when you say resources to craft, how are we supposed to get them?

umm i can explain later let me get back home…(heading home now)
Sorry took so long to awnser my forums crashed

Alright so it seems Hip Hop Neon has been chosen for the music track as of now…

Here is the battle map as of now:

Add some suggestions to it.
Oh crisp forgot to hide the code