Ideas for treasure finding game!

I have made a topic about this before but I just didn’t get enough ideas. So I’m coming back to ask again if anyone has ANY ideas about some of the rooms I should make until you finally get the treasure. (FYI, I already made a treasure room and maze room.)

Since this is a duplicate, please close this!
Why did you mark a solution for the other one if you wanted more ideas?

Maybe a room where if you touch a certain tile you die.

Also you could have bumped you old topic. New topics like this create clutter.

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Oh nvm that was o my escape room, sorry…

Please mark a solution as this is a duplicate and creates clutter!

you bump help topics?

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You prob can so people can still help you with an ideas help topic.

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HEY! i just said this wasn’t a duplication! that was for my escape room game!

Well the description makes it sound like this is a duplicate.

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How is this not a duplication?

… Because! It was for my ESCAPE ROOM GAME! I FORGOT OK!

I didn’t ask to be talked to like this, i want ideas

replied to wrong post, sorry

If your so mad then ill delete the topic shortly…

its all good, we all good now.

I like the sacrifice chamber most!

Maybe add a room where there are 3 different rooms but only one makes you go on while the others kill you.

nice idea thank you!

now its time to add em!

maybe in your maze room, you could add certain dead ends that hold hints and stuff.