Ideas for teamed snowbrawl map

I need Ideas (NOT LORE)

What mechanics are you struggling with?

I need help with ideas, sorry if that confused you. But since you mentioned it, how do I make it so one team can be in a zone but not the other, and you can only stay in the safe zone for let’s say 30 seconds.

Lifecycle > Relay > Zone > Trigger > Zone?

Event Occurs > Trigger Relay

Relay Trigger > Activate Zone

Player Enters Zone > Trigger

Triggered > Deactivate Zone

Player Leaves Zone > Trigger

Triggered > Activate Zone?


I’ll try it.

I need to have 20 characters

Did it work?

I’m trying it now… I have to do my chore real fast, so give me a minute

It didn’t :frowning:


I have an Idea

20 characters… :roll_eyes:

I have an idea in mind

1: What are your wiring and device settings?
2: Did you test this on multiple tabs?
3: Does your trigger have a delay?
4: What exactly happened when you entered and left the zone?

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I think it worked…

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You can bypass the 20 char limit by putting this at the end <this> just no spaces or periods.
Better weapon tiers and speed/damage buffs


I already have better weapon tiers

It doesn’t work… I can’t even be in the zone, I think it’ll be okay if it doesn’t happen, but I would like some ideas though

You could block the zone with a barrier that is only active to specific team.

btw if you put text in <> those the extra stuff wont show up when people look at it
Just a tip so ya dont have to keep saying stuff abt 20 characters also what if you made like a dev room or some secret area that the player can only go if they find the route

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I have something along those lines

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