Ideas for Spaceship map?

One of my creative maps is a spaceship/galactic roleplay map with one main spaceship and a small extraterrestrial island with an abandoned colony base with plant sentrys. I’m looking for any ideas and additions I could make to the spaceship early on. I have a storage room and power room so far:

(Btw that’s not a real gim in the game I just pasted it over my real one lol)

maybe a kitchen, a lab, or a bedroom

Add a control room

Those are good, thanks.

I’ll build it as the main deck of the ship, thank you

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ok idk if I will get hated on that but maybe less props?

Do you mean in the storage room alone or as a whole?

Air lock, but only let them go a certain distance.

I agree. Maybe get rid of some props or make the overall space bigger, so it looks less crowded

How about a room with a garden and some spilled chemicals and maybe some keycards lying around…

I think electronic rooms will great

I love your gimkit skin :slight_smile:

oh you said that is not real one I hope it is

@Nooby3684 Alien Room