Ideas for powers

I need Ideas for powers. I already have speed, health generation, and damage boost

Also this is a battle royale type game

increased luck when looting chests

  1. Teleportation
    add a bunch off teleporters around the map that the player could teleport to
  2. Extra life
    the player has an extra life that allows him to respawn when k!lled
  3. Building
    the player can build all over the map
  4. Minions
    the player can activate sentrys that will sh)ot at all players expect their master
  5. B0mb
    the player can plant a b)mb that takes 20 seconds to explode causing all players to d!e

How about blindness and a thorns effect (other players take damage when touching, uses tag zone)

Glazing Minecraft with the thorns thing there, buddy. :smirk:

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