Ideas For New PvP Map

oh i s=just read it no links sorry

It’s very importaint to read them cause if you disobay one of them it could get your user suspended here’s the actual guide lines reading the community guidelines

Like posting codes and stuff and plus about the
I don’t have the time and posting a code here gets you suspended and Why else is the forums for Gimkit creative for to most of the time help report bugs and help others with Gimkit questions

But back on topic though :sweat_smile:

PVP? maybe make different biomes

You can share links here though

you could have a guy (a sentery) at the middle of the map that give you a mission to find or knock out a certain amount of people for a special item ( speed boost, weopon , bigger inventory ,damage boost stuff like that)

Add a cloud land with a bunch of barriers! :grin: