Ideas for new game

so I am making a new game I call

but not coming soon part… anyway its like snowbrawl but with every weapon anyway ideas for areas would be helpful

anyone got ideas anyone?

A medieval area


An Ultimate capture the flag maze would be cool!

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Make buildable walls in areas, or capture an area to get a superpower. And every once in a while, traps activate, such as lasers or death zones. And you can make it so that if you die, they don’t respawn.

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can yall go to my custome server about las angeles


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Maybe you could make a map with different areas kind of like Fortnite. You could have a snowy area then fade into a woodland area then into like a medival kingdom. Try to create different areas with themes.

well if you want your logo to come alive a bit more you can ask @x.mochi she does basic but absolutely fire art just look at this!


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Area for a boss fight that gifts you a REALLY overpowered weapon.

ooh. That thumbnail/logo looks sick. I know this isn’t my post or anything but I will definitely check @x.mochi out!

Just man I gave her exact details of how I wanted gims place and the perspective its just amazing

I told her place the gims like you see a person outside which half of them are behind sky and the other is on ground you get what I mean by that?

I could do @maxmlmm14’s, but it might take some time cause I’m a bit busy (1-2 days?)

how do you know i’m a girl? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i’m just joking, i am a girl-

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I don’t need one done right now but I might in the future. Also, I just looked at your guide for thumbnails and they look awesome!


?? I don’t have a guide on thumbnails??

Make an event where a player becomes a) invincible and b) can activate traps all over via buttons in a “murderer’s lounge.”

That seems fun, post the name of this game so I can play it. I need to be devious. (In the best way) <(:wink:)>