Ideas for my game (infiltrate)

i want to add sum more interesting things to it like secrets or sum or new things.

idea-catalog has a lot of ideas (my guide is best no cap)

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well what style are you doing or game type

and what does this mean rq? " (infiltrate)"

well infiltrating the other teams base and killing the main target

okay hunting the enemy you can make them buy a barrier of boxes that can block alternitve routes into the base but it can be expensive

well i could try to make the bases bigger
but idk if i have to many bots hehe

i want to make it a teamwork game so u have to work tg to get inside

or it can be the other way around you can pay money to take the wall down so that they can work together to get money

Using counters and properties is vital for making a game like that.
Maybe using flags and waypointing a player is good enough, too…

is this to much?

i could make base bigger and do what yall said

that could work for my map

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ok any other ideas for me game?.. anyone?

a pizza in the corner of the map idk

i thought u would be the type with the ideas…

Infiltrate game? You sneak around a very hidden base

well its still in progress

You break in a criminal Base because you are a police officer

well i am but it really looks complete i would like to look around the map to get a look but it dosen’t look possible