Ideas for my game. (GEM BATTLEGROUNDS.)

you can’t move other players for them

okie, gotcha. so basically just magnetizes a certain radius with only items and players (not other players).

will keep that in mind for sure!

how about range? should it have a very large radius? or is medium range suitable?

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that would be very hard to implement, because it would take like a coordinate grid-and even then i don’t think it would work.
um… gimcraftor can you please maybe check if things are possible in gimkit creative before posting solutions? because most of your solutions are not how creative works

no offense, it is just kinda confusing, and i can tell you want to help people!


can you stop being rude? im trying my best to create creative ideas but you and @mysz always shoot them down and it hurts my feelings. instead of trashing on me, maybe you can take some inspiration and start making creative ideas too? but sorry for the constant confusion, but im pretty new to the gimkit creative system too, especially when it comes to coding stuff :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll try to see if there is any way to still work around it, but otherwise if it really isn’t possible then i’ll make something simpler.
sorry again for the errors!

That wasn’t even rude, that was just constructive criticism :skull:

Also, LlamaLady, apparently he’s a bot, thats just a rumour going around, but in 2 mins is kinda crazy. (dont take my word for it)

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I’m sorry, I’ll try to stop shutting down your ideas in the future and try to think of a way to do them.

As a compromise, maybe you would want to read some guides on the devices and what they do! :slightly_smiling_face: That way you can learn more!!

Here are some guides on the devices if you would want to read them:

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thank you for being kind and not just accusing me of being a bot (cough cough @Txme_Lxss, @mysz)

I’m just saying where I heard it. Thats also why I said


But I’m gonna go now. Cya.

if u were uncertain of it then u wouldn’t spread it around like wildfire, now go take this somewhere else and let’s not make this post go off-topic :frowning:

Yes :melting_face:

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Finished! :slight_smile:


Nice! That looks good. :ok_hand:


My only suggestion is to try to make it more fluid what I mean is something like gimkart’s 8 thumbnail. Thanks for helping out though!

You can put extra characters in <> to hide it :slight_smile:
ex. <adafagagag>

Screenshot 2024-04-14 7.09.21 PM

what do u think of the upscaled version of the gem battlegrounds thumbnail, OliviaKim7777 made it, i just upscaled it <1234567890>

muffin man gem 1.5 speed p.m.l 75 health

I made the thumbnail. kinda rushed though cuz I had to go somewhere.

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I can make more effects, just say it

Done! Is this ok?

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