Ideas for my battle royale mapp

I need some Ideas for my battle royale map because I want to add more stuff but I don’t know what to add.

shoot players


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You could add loot crates that would appear. Players could break them and get special weapons or health things.

You could also add regen, endgame upgrades like taggability, and the ability to summon a bunch of sentries to fight for you. You could also add in minigames like dodgeball, hide and seek, and last man standing.

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I’ve actually already cooked up some lore

Good Idea! I am gonna implument that now

the fortnite storm this that closes in on the centere

Progression Tiers: After 1 minute, new weapons go rolling out. After another 2 minutes, another tier of weapon comes out.
After 5 minutes, everyone gets faster.
After 10 minutes, everyone gets regen.
After 15 minutes, the borders shrink.

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That is impossible in creative

You can actually kind of do that with zone, lasers, and/or force respawners.

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[It's not impossible](https://It’s Possible)

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