Ideas for MiniChallenge/DoorUnlocking

I’m trying to make a game and I have this part in it where you need to lockpick a door. What are some ways I can add like a challenge or interactive pop-up so the player has to do a challenge or puzzle of some sort to lockpick the door?

You can make a quiz using popups! Basically, you can make it so when the correct call-to-action is clicked, you can have another one popup. And when the wrong one is clicked, you have to start over

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or you could make a reaction time thing with game overlays appearing and disappearing

Is there a guide on how to do this?

I don’t think

Maybe a color or number code like around the map theres numbers or colors and notes of which order they go in

Glad I made something that people like to use.[1]

  1. not considering it was made like almost 2 months ago ↩︎

is it a doors map? if so we could work together on mine. also you could use vending machines so if you have a certain item, for example a silver seed, you can lockpic the door.

I’m not working on a doors map but it sounds really cool!

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