Ideas for Medieval Map

I need some ideas for locations in my Medieval Map because My mind is blank :confused:
This would be greatly appreciated!

Use medieval props:

And for locations, do some sort of desert themed area or an old-themed village.

Medieval is a cool topic. Luckily enough, they recently added Medieval props. @twofoursixeight probably has the best link.

I would post my guide but @twofoursixeight did, so you can use that. But for locations, you can make a castle, town, cave, dungeon, port, etc.

i would make an armory, or a blacksmith shop because now we have all these armor props, plus like a town square and a dungeon

In medieval, you could make like a battlefield with sentries attacking.

Good ideas!
I already knew the existence of medieval props, because that’s what inspired me!

I Have already made a blacksmith shop.

you could make an armory, with mainly the weapon props and maybe propified sentries to look like warriors?

Sentries don’t fit neatly, I would use barriers.

what do you mean fit neatly?

They either go behind the prop, or infront.

so use barriers to make a warrior?

You add barriers to make the face, arms, and legs, on the armor stand.

is there a guide to do that?

No, just use layers.

@Jerry, maybe make a tavern

Nice idea, there is a lot you can do with that, like a lot.