Ideas for games

I need ideas for a game.

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Welcome to the Forums @Slyfox123!
On the Forums you have to post topics related to Gimkit creative problems.
Or you can get flagged and get the post removed.
Once again welcome to the Forums


I would normally flag this but since this is your first time I wont flag you. :+1::+1::+1:

:slight_smile: emake the poppy playtime dogday chase…also welcome to the forum slyfox123 ;:slight_smile:

why would she get flagged?she was asking fo ideas

What do you mean? thanks for welcoming me!

What I mean is that the forums is meant for gimkit problems and things related to gimkit (usually device problems, guides, map bugs ex. )

Also the rules say this:
" This forum is not for chatting, asking when new features will be available, product suggestions, or sharing links to your maps or live games. Topics and posts that aren’t about building with Gimkit Creative will be removed."

WOW thanks for helping me!