Ideas for deathrun-stye gamemode

For anyone who doesn’t know what death run is, it’s a mode where a few player (death) has to kill players on a rigged course (rigged in death’s favor). I’m thinking of the disappearing floor trap, but what others should I add?

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Sentries on the sides (Quantum Portals would work well)
  • Barriers (that hurt?)
  • Sticky pits (to slow the player down)
  • Flickering lights (big barrier, constantly activating and deactivating)
  • PvP (players will not work together, survival of the fittest!)

This guide may help, as well:


Invisible mines! Who doesn’t love a good explosion

Try lasers, low enough so the players can jump over them

maybe stun mines as well
2. popup that says stunned
3. wire them

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