Ideas for Deathrun death traps

I’m creating a Gimkit version of those ‘Deathrun’ maps you see on Fortnite or TF2, and I need some ideas for death traps for the runners! Some ideas I’m going to do are spikes, a hammer, and a laser trap. Please give any ideas possible!!

P.S: Traps are just different ways of players getting killed, they’re triggered by the destroyer who presses the buttons.

Here’s some ideas I got for you:

  • Sentries on the sides
  • Slow areas (water?)
  • Speed areas
  • Increasing damage areas (lava?)
  • Random dropping bombs
  • Landmines
  • Walls (that get in the way)

I’ll add more later!

This is one that’s fun for the host. The end becomes the start and the start becomes the end.

I’ll definitely use this idea if I make a different game, but I’m looking for death traps.

Thanks for the ideas!

Random teleporters to switch places or small camera view so they don’t know where there going. Or certain players could get curses (slow, weapon, speed)

I’m definitely utilizing camera views to make it so the players cant see where the destroyer is, but the destroyer can still see where they are.

Thats smart.

You could also make secret passageways that they could use to skip ahead

Maybe, and have it be out of the destroyer’s camera view range so they just disappear?

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Maybe this can help? IDK
How to make a trap in Gimkit Creative

lol make ur self the trap to get ur friends not to complete it

like be the person that controlls the game like spawning sentries or just 1v1 them

That’s kind of the whole point of what makes deathrun deathrun…