Ideas For CTF Map

I have a CTF map where I have zones you can capture to be able to capture flags in them and tag in them. I also have 2 different weapon systems, one where you keep your weapon on death and one where you don’t. You also have an overlay questioner and upgrade system. I need some additional ideas for ~20% memory. Its also player-adaptive to take choke points away.

I would like to help, but what concepts are you trying to have?

It’s ctf with guns. I just want some ideas.

You should add a secret Upgrade station(Not the thing in the middle of your map, yes, you showed me it once…)

You can do what blizzy said, but have ranking systems, like some players have abilities like high speed, and some have high health, some thing to set players appart.

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like abilities in Murder Mystery.

add a ranked system for it like in cod, valorant, or fortnite

That and a dificulty setting, for like players get better weapons quicker, less health, and uses more energy, things that will make playing hard and vis-versa.

I like that idea, like where you could only buy one upgrade. Also maybe have debuff systems that you could buy to make people go slower or deal less damage.

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Ranking seems ok, but I already kind of have that with weapon and speed upgrades.