Ideas for chapter two of farmchain horror game! (Chinese horror)

I will accept most ideas. I want some specific mechanics or scenes. I want it to be Chinese-style horror and the scene is set in a house that the main character just entered. The story is something along the lines of A Locust Swarm eating all the crops and the farmers worshipping gods. I won’t reveal too much becuase the true story is very dark and is for you to guess. I want some Chinese horror themes! (the game is about scarecrows)


In China, we believe in putting pieces of red paper with blessings around the door to protect your house from bad luck. you could add that?


I know that tradition and I was thinking of adding that, I’m asking for some specific mechanics or scenes.

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farmhouses usually have chickens running around? add animated chickensss


thanks, I might add that :chicken:

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put some candles and plates inside a abandoned house as decoration, maybe also add some jumpscares :japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::smiling_imp:?

ooh, you could do a missing katana, and it turns out an ancient ghost warrior has it and you need to return it safely!

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katanas are from japan :skull:


aw man :<

well, I guess the mongols did use firework bow and arrow thingies, so you can do the same story, but with just an ancient archer ghost.

@ire I have an idea! You could make it so that like 10% of the crops you sell with lead to some OP sentry being activated and k!lling you…

what does crops you sell with lead mean :skull:

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I’ll add that too.

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But… mongols aren’t chinese either…?


You could have the locust swarms block specific areas, and they move to block off different areas (opening previously inaccessible areas in the process).

I don’t know, its summer, I’m not doing school I don’t remember this stuff-_-

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I could do that…but I want to make the locusts be like, jumpscare mysterious because in the storyline thye’re already gone…I want some elements of religion and superstition and also scarecrow jumpscares or something. I’ll mark a solution if I’ve got enough ideas.

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More ideas:

  1. Something related to the number four!! I really don’t need to explain this
  2. Make the game take place at some specific time or holiday, gives lots of opportunity for superstitions
  3. After breaking some superstition, jumpscares!! (might break gimkit guidelines, not sure)
  4. Black and white things - white is associated with death, black is associated with… bad feelings? evil? unluckiness? something along the lines of that…
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I thought Chinese horror was Red and White :rofl:

That sounds cool, I’ll add that.