Ideas for battle royal biome game

Hey guys does any of you have any ideas i can add to my gimkit battle royal game that is divided into biomes such as “beach” “grassland” “mud” etc :thinking:

Haunted house,

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Nice idea ill add it, thanks

“maKE surE To MARk SolUTion🥸”

I know I just want to give some other people a chance to respond first🐒

perhaps a alternate dimension?

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city. underwater. jungle.

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well some good biomes i like to see if a forest can make it hard to fight your enemys and a desert biome have very little protection a great place for long rage weapons to take advantage of and a mountian has lots of protection a great place for short range and finally a good snow biome because that can drive people crazy for endless white i get lost often in snow biomes

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Once upon a time…
See the difference?

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Nice idea ill add it

whats the diffrence one had an explantion of a couple of biomes the other had a list of ideas

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