Ideas for a team demolition

I need ideas for a team game, here are the requirements.
There are 2 teams in a place. who’s team gets the most kills (sentry AND player) wins.
Not One Way Out themed, i already did that.


Gimnight? fortine gimkit, with free for alls and duos, and the zombie mode.

You can give the player a random weapon for some variety, and it could be team player vs player with some sentries

yeah thats not a bad idea.

like island theme?

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yeah. there is a lot of potential to do this in gimkit, if you need help i can make so custom props for you.


i know, my spelling isn’t great.

Some theme ideas:

  • Arctic
  • Forest
  • Under the sea
  • Once upon a time
  • Gimkit

Very, very related:
Concatenation is when we use
To broadcast on a channel, right?

Where’s the guide for it? I forgot what it was called.

I thought I was asking YOU!

Oh, sorry. Here, read this guide: