Ideas for a summer-themed game?

Summer is almost here, everyone! So excited!
:sparkles: :sun_with_face: :beach_umbrella: :man_surfing: :sparkles:
(Sorry for the barrage of emojis, I just like using them)
So, for the summer, I want to make a summer-themed game. I don’t really have any good ideas, maybe like a pool party or something?
Suggestions greatly appreciated!

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how about like a summer minigames map? some of the games can be a water gu,n fight, one can be sharks and minnows, etc. Another idea could be making the lobby a pool party basically.


Ooh, I like that!
subtly starts working on a game that I know I wont ever finish/j

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beach run! (team mode)

the idea is to speedrun a beach trip, but you must finish certain goals for each level:
beach tag
tag the other team

Get a certain rarity of fish
water fight
your team must get a certain amount of knockouts against the competing team

Competitive swimming
players under water (under a blue barrier) collect “shells” and use them to purchase downgrades and barriers for the other team. Make it to the end to win!

Collectors challenge
two teams compete in searching for beach items on the beach, whoever gets the most items with high rarity wins!

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Complicated, but sounds cool!

oh! oh! I know! you could have a picnic in a park and then go swimming!

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Oh, or a gardening game.


Beach themed game? Maybe called Escape the Island?

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What about someone stole the Sun and you have to get it back to have a warm summer?

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oh, that’s AMAZING!
Idk which one to choose…

definetly a beach themed ctf!

cracks knuckles

GAME NAME: idk ihnc how to come up with names

TYPE: story/open world platformer (goal isn’t really to go up tho)

DESCRIPTION: it’s the end of school. Yay! Now, you were expecting to have a nice, chill summer. But, the NPCs are all having trouble with something or other, and you must assist them with it! Climb mountains, grab a book, fight some weeds… and of course, you will be compensated.

-The beach (you can swim, interact with swimmers and sea creatures)
-The mountain (climb for no reason to see the sun)
-House (cook, read, etc)
-Shops (groceries, toys, books)

I can draw a thumbnail for it if you want- I know you make them too, though.


Love this![1]
I’ll enlist you for thumbnails if needed.

  1. its giving genshin ↩︎

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Wait… maybe you should mashup all these ideas into a crazy summer simulator:
there are a bunch of NPCs- it starts out normal, with you in the classroom last day of school, with teacher yapping etc…

then, you can go out into the Town with lots of NPCs… and many quests!

Your house has a garden etc to maintain…

there is also a minigames area with lots of little games.
-escape the island
-the things chrysostom said

final big quest could be to get the sun back, like floofstronaut said

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What about just a beach with many activities and tasks to do?

maybe you could do something like an island, or a beach setting would be great for summer, but I’m not sure what you would do in the game.

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but it would take up soo much memory