Ideas for a stardew valley remake im creating

So i saw that farming released recently and decide I would give recreating stardew valley a try, however, I need ideas. i have already added the house, farm, trees that are able to be chopped, and the bus. What should I add next?

The caves? (Procedural generation would be hard, but possible)

the farms? Like a certain Item will let you make a farm plot? (Me finally seeing that he already had farms on there)

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I’m defiitely getting those!

Okay, back on topic.
Maybe add some mills of water and some farm animals that can be taken care of and fed.

Oh, and edible crops. Like, if you eat it, you can gain energy and you can only do a certain amount of things like speed modifying and stuff.

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Lol UwU

Yeah, certain items, like you need a fish (:rofl:) to mine stuff.

That’s a good idea, generally.

The fish was just a joke. Imagine just hitting stone with a fish.

Thanks guys! great ideas so far!

You could add the mushroom/bat farm cave

And make it a choice whether or not you want the mushroom cave or bat cave

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I thought about the ideas you guys said, and I made a little museum with a compressed, and I got the market stall props and put them in too.

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