Ideas for a new Gimkit Map

Desperate thinking for the righteous,

Look in idea-catalog .


Here is a big list of ideas!

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Thanks pal, this helps a lot bc im new

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umm @RUSHINGLIKEAfROG joined before you…

@THEHACKER120 What do you mean, I have so many questions- how exactly?~

Oh didn’t know that /

I joined at feb 20 //

I don’t have a lot of experience, my friend just got me into Gimkit

If you look in your bio it saids that you joined the forums on Feb2…

yeah I did jointheforums then, but didn’t use it a lot since until yesterday

My friend’s a regular you should follow him, he has great solutions his user is, @California_Love e

I suggest to prevent cluster, we should stop replying…

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Good Idea////////////

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What do you mean by “Preventing cluster”? @THEHACKER120

To avoid causing chaos , flags, off topic posts, and arguments

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OHH okay then, Have a good day and thank you for everything

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