Ideas for a Gimkit hotel

I thought about that and nice idea!

Will you be basing it off of a irl hotel thing? Like stay America, hilton, or other stuff
You could maybe make hotel job applications!
And for the arcade there should be many minigames that can be playable.
Also maybe an outdoors sports area like tennis or volleyball!


hey can i help u with ur map? id be happy to work with the devices and decor and things if yes put the code in here

is it a horror map? If so pls use my infinite rooms idea


No, it’s a relaxtion map

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I know that song!

i don’t get it

It’s a Japanese song with a similar concept.

Any other ideas?
If not, I’ll close this out.

Um has anybody else said a garden? Or a poolside restaurant?

No gardens yet! Thanks for the idea!

idk maybe a playground?

Oooh If you want a big project along with a hotel:
You could make a resort in it
Or you could make a sort of "“sister map”
As if the end of the resort game is the player going inside the hotel…

I don’t know, just one of my random ideas.

funny thing is…

that was my plan.
to make “Gimkit resort” next lol

Oh wow!
Another funny thing…

i’m making a resort (sort of) too

Could I help you work on it?

Yeah, sure!
I got the idea from a post I made a WHILE ago:

Contact info in bio

Can you give me the c0de in your bio or on a padlet bc I don’t have outlook.

okay hold on
My game isnt working :frowning: