Ideas for a Gimkit hotel

Any other ideas?
If not, I’ll close this out.

Um has anybody else said a garden? Or a poolside restaurant?

No gardens yet! Thanks for the idea!

idk maybe a playground?

Oooh If you want a big project along with a hotel:
You could make a resort in it
Or you could make a sort of "“sister map”
As if the end of the resort game is the player going inside the hotel…

I don’t know, just one of my random ideas.

funny thing is…

that was my plan.
to make “Gimkit resort” next lol

Oh wow!
Another funny thing…

i’m making a resort (sort of) too

Could I help you work on it?

Yeah, sure!
I got the idea from a post I made a WHILE ago:

Contact info in bio

Can you give me the c0de in your bio or on a padlet bc I don’t have outlook.

okay hold on
My game isnt working :frowning:

Any other ideas, guys?

Alright, if I get no more ideas by tomorrow, I’ll close this out by marking a solution.


ooh wait you could make like a blackboard that says something like 'Welcome [Triggering Player] or something, a video game station, a gym/workout place, and a movie theater!


Yeah I was planning on an arcade
but the other two ideas I love

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I can help you with the game if you need it! I’m not really available today tho

I can’t because my acc got banned until june 20th

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marking a solution now


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