Ideas for a game I'm making

Hope I helped!

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That’s pretty good, I liked it. Although, I don’t exactly want the machine to get destroyed, but maybe after an almost devastating series of events, the machine is safe in the hands of the good and the Old World is brought back.

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I was just joking about the movie. But thanks!


It is just use it old fassioned…

Or just use the health “2320” for instant destruction!

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So, would the quantum weapon or receptor, target the prop, or when it is started, it would target the player, but it would be behind the prop, so, if the prop was enabled to take damage, then it would hit the prop?

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That… Is kind of confusing…

I know, but one thing, what exactly is the receiver? Is it the time machine, is it the scientists weapon?
Also, what I mean is that you said that the receptor can d3stroy the receiver, so what I mean is that a quantum weapon is usually aimed by a sentry or a player, so if we hide the sentry, that’s one thing aside, but how would the blast hit the receiver? Would we configure the weapon to aim at the prop? Or, would we have the weapon aim at the player, but with the prop in the way? So it gets hit with a blast. That’s what I mean, hope my message came across!

The machine technically is against the evil scientists, so if the timer starts, it would be the scientists racing against time, unless the machine is the thing that can d3stroy the time machine, then it is a time limit for the good guys.

Also, I think the story can start with the player with a group of other friends, since the world is ruled by gangsters, but the friends soon disappear (not like their being kidnapped or anything like that, but as if the player sees it as if he needs to do it alone) so he’s alone in the facility.

Also, if I unpublished my game to make these changes, would I have to pay 1000 gimbucks again to republish it?

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Also, how should the game start? Does it start with the player asleep and then receiving the vision, or do we start with the player living in the day time and THEN at night he has the vision?

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Both of these questions: The reciever is a prop, or multible, that has damage activated and sends a signal on destruction.

Sorry, next time try ChatGPT to make it easier to understand.

But, If I got what you mean right, the player has to aim the receptor at the receiver to d3stroy it, but it can also be used as a weapon due to it’s immense dark matter properties.

The reciever, in lore, wouldn’t be destroyed, but it would reveal another, glowing one underneath. Perhaps use gate consoles, and when the orange one is destroyed, a green one shows, indicating the machine has been activated.

Also, as soon as the receptor/quantum portal is given to the player, it clears all other items from their inventory and makes the receiver visible. This makes it a challenge to fight off sentries with just an overpowered quantum portal, but also makes it so no other gadget could d3story/activate it.

And to answer your second question, either would work, I guess it would just depend on the layout of the game and where it needs to go.

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Okay, so the receiver, would it be a weapon the scientists were using to open the mech, or is it the last major defense system from the mech?

Also, what are gate consoles?

And also,

So if the receiver is part of the scientists weapon, would the player d3stroy it because they were tricked by the scientists, since the evil scientists couldn’t activate the weapon with a good guy literally punching them to the floor. And if it’s from the mech, is it just to scare off the scientists, so that the player, who through a whole journey and unclear prophecies from bystanders can deactivate it without the scientists meddling?

So I tried ChatGPT to write like a prompt story, and what I got was mind-blowing.

In the desolate rema1ns of what was once a bustling city, where overgrown vines and rusted skeletons of buildings now dominated the landscape, lived a lone hero named Marcus. He was a survivor in a world devoid of society, where remnants of a forgotten civilization lay scattered like ghosts of a distant past.

Marcus, a scavenger by necessity, spent his days searching for supplies amidst the ruins. It was during one of these scavenging expeditions that he stumbled upon an ancient artifact buried beneath layers of debris and dust. It was a peculiar device, emitting a faint, pulsating light that seemed to beckon him.

As Marcus held the artifact in his hands, he was overcome by a strange sensation—a vision, vivid and powerful, flooded his mind. In this vision, a voice spoke to him, urging him to seek out a legendary weapon hidden in the heart of the city. This weapon, the voice claimed, had the power to restore the Old World, to bring back the lost society that once thrived.

Driven by a newfound purpose, Marcus set off on a quest unlike any he had undertaken before. Little did he know, however, that the malevolent forces that now ruled this broken world were aware of his quest. Evil villains, led by ruthless scientists who had twisted the remnants of technology to serve their own ends, saw Marcus as a threat to their dominion over the wasteland.

As Marcus journeyed deeper into the heart of the city, he faced perilous obstacles at every turn. Crumbling buildings threatened to collapse upon him, mutated creatures prowled the shadows, and traps la1d by the villains tested his resolve. There were moments when Marcus faltered, when the weight of his quest seemed too much to bear. But each time he was on the verge of giving up, he encountered unexpected allies—kind-hearted bystanders who offered him shelter, wisdom, and small pieces of knowledge that proved invaluable.

One such bystander was an elderly woman named Elara, who had once been a historian in the Old World. She shared stories of the past with Marcus, tales of a time when technology had served humanity’s progress rather than its destruction. Armed with these stories, Marcus found renewed determination to press on.

Finally, after overcoming countless trials and challenges, Marcus reached the inner sanctum of the city—a towering skyscraper that loomed over the wasteland like a monolith of forgotten dreams. Here, guarded by the villains’ most formidable defenses, lay the weapon that could change everything.

The final confrontation was fierce and intense. Marcus battled against the evil scientists and their minions, using not just his strength and skill, but also the knowledge and wisdom he had gathered on his journey. The artifact he had found guided him, its power resonating with his own resolve.

In the climax of the battle, Marcus emerged victorious. With the weapon in hand, he unleashed its power—a surge of energy that rippled through the wasteland, restoring fragments of the Old World. Lights flickered on in long-abandoned buildings, holographic displays shimmered into existence, and the city began to stir with the promise of renewal.

As the villains retreated into the shadows, defeated but not vanquished, Marcus stood amidst the awakening cityscape. The voice from his vision echoed once more, thanking him for his courage and determination. With the weapon in his possession, Marcus now held the key to rebuilding society, to reclaiming what had been lost.

And so, with hope rekindled in his heart and the artifact by his side, Marcus vowed to continue his journey—exploring the ruins, uncovering secrets of the Old World, and forging a new path towards a brighter future for all who still survived in this dystopian world.

Not saying this is the story, since it’s a prompt and doesn’t exactly talk about the pieces of wisdom offered by the bystanders, but still pretty crazy how cool the story sounds now.

Yeah, I know what you meant, it’s just when you said ChatGPT, I tried it out.

Let me explain:

receptor=a quantum portal for protection and to “power” the H.O.P.E. by aiming it at the reciever and destroying the receiver, but from a lore standpoint, it is really just activating it
receiever=the prop used to show it is powered and to send a signal to go to the next stage via channels; is not a scientist weapon
gate consoles=a type of prop used as the reciever, the one with the orange screen being destroyed, sending a signal and showing the one with the green screen, which was hidden underneath
scientist weapon= the F.A.T.E. (Future Annulling Temporal Equalizer), which, when the time runs out, they supposedly use on the fate, or the mech if you haven’t destroyed it yet, which makes a laser visible, pointing to the fate, and making it hide. Then, it ends the game and you lose.

(Also, that sound good, but I was talking about making your message more clear.

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Ok, I think I understood most of it. For now, I’ll start with the player receiving the vision and beginning his journey to the facility.

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Sounds good to me!

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I don’t know how to do it, but you will have to make a zone that follows you, or the sentry, around (cordinates?). Then, it connects to a pop-up device.

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Okay, thanks VoidFluffy! It worked. Here’s my newest problem.

Okay, I’m doing this thing where you have to collect some items from the sentries, and I want it to go through a checker, when all the items are collected, a pop-up will appear, but I can’t figure out what to wire the checker with. Any ideas?

Make them more acurate with aiming and add more health. Maybe give them red eyes too?

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try using it.

Also, I’m thinking of doing a credits, anyone who’s suggested an idea, heart this if you want to be credited with the ideas.

Credits! I have an idea for credits!

Create a list of the people in credits, white text against a black bckground, and put it in the corner of your map.

Then, have teleporters. Have then spaced out, but still generally close to each other. Then, connect then to counters, which loop into trigger repeaters. Then, after 5 seconds/times triggered, it moves down to the next, showcasing all the credits. Then, at the last teleporter, it teleports you to the last frame, and it is not connected to a teleporter, but an end game device.

As well, I have an idea for after the machine is used;

The player wakes up in a lobby like park, with greenery everywhere, and no fire or gangs or any evil in sight. The vision comes back:

You have done well.

You have saved the world from perils and darkness.

You, the chosen, responded to the call when others did not.

You, the chosen, fought bravely to find the keycard and the H.O.P.E., and defeat the dark forces working against you.

You, the chosen, have saved the world and restored the olden times.

And you have done well,

And you have redeemed the world,

And you are a hero.

Then, you get to explore the after-lobby, or you can just push the button titled, “Now You May Rest.” Then you get to the credits.