Ideas for a game I'm making

I need ideas. I’ve already made a part of it, but, I need more…and I have creators block. Anyways, here’s the plot.

I will re-open when I return. Read last post.

It’s been years since the government’s been overthrown, and society has crumbled. Gangs roam the streets, looting and violence happens all to often. You and a group of other’s go to a facility that is rumored to hold a weapon that could bring the old world back. But there are evils that would prefer things as they are.

So, I need ideas, basically, this would end when they get to the engine room, which would actually help them find the weapon. So, I just need a lot of obstacles to make the game intense and, how do you say this, interesting. Ideas will be credited in the description of the game.


Is this platformer?

No, it is not platformer.


Why did you ask for a thumbnail… before making the game? ? ? ???
Idk why I got The Matrix vibes from this.
So you need obstacle ideas?


Yes, basically, something that will slow the player, but will also at the same time bring a light to the evils that exist.

PS: two days ago a friend of mine told me I should try to add some more to my game, and, yeah, I got nothing, so I turned to the community. I think reading all those other help topics where people contributed awesome ideas might have made me more willing to make a topic on this.

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Mebbeh add falling chunks of rock that if you touch you dle?

Oh, gosh, my bad, it’s not platformer, it’s the regular version, the one where you move forward, backward, left, right? Gosh, I’m so brain cell lacked.

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. You prob already thought of this but when you go into a alley (which you have to go in to get a wea|oon like a pickaxe ) 3 sentry’s spawn like a gang and you have to 1 escape, or two get the wea|pon and well… u know

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Maybe a gang of evil gims who are working on a formula to genetically enhance their strength?


@WhereIsMyHat Oh, okay, would they achieve the formula at some point? And if they did, how would I enhance them?
@Moyai I actually haven’t thought of that, I decided to start the game in the facility, so I wasn’t thinking about gangsters, but the game could start outside and then they get inside.

Okay, I’m going off, discussion can continue and I will return tomorrow morning.

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Well, if you are gone, I can still provide ideas:


Glowing mechanical orbs that stun you if you touch them so the security drones (sentries) can get to you.

A maze that hides and shows different props to block the way depending on route/which zones you enter


What is the machine that resets it like? Is it still in progress, is a time machine? If so, let me know, after your internet in revived.

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So the machine, I was thinking it would be a giant mech with time manipulation powers, obviously, since something with the ability to control time is dangerous, they built it into a mech so it can defend itself against evils, but the evils that I was talking about wan to get inside the mech and eliminate the machine inside.

This kinda follows with the thumbnail which involves the mech being taken apart by one of the evil peoples scientists

What about a keycard needed to disable the mech, that must be obtained elsewhere.

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Yes, that could work, maybe a secret passage that the evil people don’t know about? That is guarded by sentries and obstacles to make sure no one but with a pure heart can obtain?

Yes. Perhaps, as lore, it was made from stollen information from the evil ones, which they forged into a keycard and hid where no one evil could find it, and if they did, past all the defenses, they wouldn’t be able to access it because only one of pure intentions could get it. As well, after the mech is disabled, the machine drops.

IDEA IF THIS PART HASN’T BEEN DONE YET: Perhaps it is a space container pretending to be something else, but inside there could be the recepeter, a quantum portal. When the recepter destroys the reciever, it activates the machine. Time limit time until evil scientists win?

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I haven’t come up with that, but it’s perfect! Although, could you elaborate a tad bit more about the receptor and receiver?

Also, if the game starts outside the facility, then I was thinking, could we do a vision that occurs to the player, telling them to go into a facility and unlock a weapon that could fix the world?


The receptor:
It is a quantom portal, which is used to d3stroy the reciever. It is granted from the engine-charger-device-thing, and is supercharged, so it alone can destory the receiver
The receiver:
This is a device that has a lot of health, but can be destroyed by the receptor, and when it does, it send a signal that activates whatever comes next.

(How to supercharge items:
How to create the most OP weapon ever. 🟩)

I like your idea with the vision, and I made a scipt for a mysterious voice that speaks to the main character:

Oh, chosen.

You must restore the times of old, before the dark awakening.

The world needs you.

Dark forces are working against you, and you must thwart their plans to d3stroy the world’s only hope for redemption.

Make haste, find the lost keycard, travel to the H.O.P.E. (Healer and Optimizer of Past Eras), and restore the times of old.


The vision is perfect, and I just read about how to super charge weapons. This is a great idea, although, what activates it the receptor to d3stroy the receiver?

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You could add something like armor that makes you stronger or like serums that make you stronger (Strength booster) but some do damage to you if you take them. Also you need to make tall buildings that blew up and fires. Also a chase where you chase the final boss on the top of the building and then it gets shattered as you accidentally knock it out of his hand and then you find an ancient wizard who says "(your name) it was never the device, it was you, look at what you have done… he vanishes and then it shows a picture of all of the resistances you have established and the bad guys vanquished then the sun sets the screen turns dark and the game ends. Wow I should of made a movie with that…