Ideas for a dinosaur themed battle royale game

I need Ideas!!!

Add a egg hatching system where each knockout gives you cash that can be used to hatch pets. The pets could increase your speed or damage

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maybe you could add chompz sentries? you could also use plant barriers. you should make some areas made of dirt, too. another thing you could do is add plants like small groundbreaking plants or alien plants.

you could also layer parts of the ground. except make the terrain floor instead of wall.

Good ideas. i mean more like prop wise

oh my fault i didn’t know

its ok ` :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Any other ideas???

I don’t think you can get pets that follow a player, but it could be just a sentry in base…

I have ideas:
Put “Chompz costume” sentries around the map (if you haven’t already)
recruit Dinosaurs sentries (the Chompz ones)
this would require you to use teaming instead of free-for-all, and sentries around the map, one for each team.
Dino Power-Ups!

T-Rex power-up:
x3 damage boost!
x1.25 speed boost

Defect: NONE

Triceratops Powerup:
x2 damage boost

defect: x0.8 speed

Velociraptor power-up:
x2 speed

(that’s all I’ve got, I don’t know a lot about dinosaurs)

but its a battle royale game so its hard to make a base for every single player. Maybe just a game overlay?

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good point…

yeah it could just say “Current Pet: insert pet name here”

Maybe you could do a defend the base game, where you try to take over people’s bases. You can also recruit/buy dino sentries around the map to defend you. Also include hiding spots and secret entrances to make the game fun.

Thanks for those ideas. What other powers could I have beside speed boost and damage boost?

I need some dinosaur themed props


Use emojis in the text device! Cover trees with leaf piles to make it more realistic. Use coral for dinosaur parts and decoration. Tinted rocks and wooden poles for bones.

You could do speed and damage along with builder, warrior, and spy. Builder spawns with blocks so that they build around themselves, warrior spawns with a weapon, and spy has a secret base.

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Do you mean just props or actual designs for rooms, etc?