I would like if some one could help me with my captuer the flag map

i just need some one to help with ideas or smt

Hi! If you’re going to post a c0de, don’t. Also a dungeon maze capture the flag.

Ok, one c0des aren’t allowed, 2 can you change this to a help post, and 3 may you delete this post, this breaks the rules, I am sorry, but good luck in your capture the flag map

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im not
going to post code i know the rules

Well… maybe add a big floor for each team (different colored floor for each team) to make bigger floors use bigger brushes.


May you remove the ideas tag and switch this to help category!

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its because i need ideas for the map

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Oh! Sorry my bad, but may you switch this to the help section?

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Maybe use some of my random ideas:

  • Weapons
  • Secret shop
  • Upgrades (speed, health regen, etc.)
  • Super-secret room with god-mode
  • Trading sentry
  • Popup shop for health and shield
  • Lots of tunnels
  • Different terrain
  • Not Vortex and Echo, find something new!
  • Easter eggs
  • Trolls

Hope these help!

I could help! I built a hide and seek map with my friend.

Codes are not allowed on this forum.
Sorry about that.
Also welcome back to the community @apatterson!

Is this one of the two oldest “It’s been a while since we’ve seen _, their last post was # _ ago.

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Hey, welcome back, @apatterson! Good to see you again!

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Hey @apatterson, hope you’ll enjoy your re-entry