I would appreciate some ideas

I’m making a snowy marathon game and I need ideas for what different runners can do, like weapons, health and shield, energy, speed, and shards for the weapons, etc. I also need ideas for the tracks they run on.

You can use lasers that don’t do damage and they activate and de-activate barriers?

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@HP7divergent46THG12 , Hannah you can use the different speeds of people and make them choose their carts, 1st place winners get teleported back to the spawn and get 1 cash, then at the start they have the option to go to the kart shop, where you can “upgrade your car” aka get better weapons, get better speed, and get more cash per win.

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Do you need making the map, I have time and can help you personally.

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Anyways, aside from the puns,
Just make combinations of different speed and weapons and healing stuff based on the character.
If it’s fast but is kinda weak in health, use like 1 shield can and a blaster and a slingshot
If it’s slow but has the build of a tank, use a quantum portal and a med pack and an evil eye

Just stuff like that.
Be creative

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anyways ideas…hmmm
Maybe wait for today’s new update…cool stuff expected…maybe wait for knockback mechanics? and snow piles in the way that move? and sentries that try to sabotage?

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Class: Sabotage


Start out weak, but knocking out players and sabotaging others will increase your speed, energy, damage, and weapon rarity so you can become literally unstoppable! Unfortunately, you lose half of your knockouts on death.

This class starts out at a low health with an uncommon zapper, average speed, and average energy. They passively gain 15 of each ammo per knockout. This is the progression for knockouts:

1 knockout: Uncommon Zapper → Rare Zapper, +15 max health.
3 knockouts: Rare Zapper → Epic Zapper, +25 more max health, 1.2x more speed.
7 knockouts: Epic Zapper → Legendary Zapper, + 60 more max health, 1.3x speed, 1.25x more energy.

12 knockouts: Legendary Zapper → Legendary Slingshot, +25 more max health, 1.4x speed, 1.35x energy.

How to Actually Make This Class:

Let’s just make some random base stats, I do not know what the stats for your game are, so I’m going to be making them up.

Base Health: 75
Base Weapon: Uncommon Zapper
Base Speed: 1x
I really do not know what “Energy” will mean in your game, so I’m gonna forget about it for now.

Alright. First, place down a property with these settings:

When choosing this class (most likely with a button), wire the button to a trigger that is not visible in-game and cannot be triggered by player collision. Now, create block code in the trigger that says this:

Very simple stuff. From now on, when we go through our systems, we’ll first need to check if the player is actually Sabotage class using the true/false property.

Place down a lifecycle. The option for the lifecycle should be “Player Knocks Out”. Now copy and paste the trigger you had before, and wire the lifecycle to the trigger like this:

Event Occurs → Trigger

Now, don’t touch the trigger for now.

First, we need to make a property called “SabotageKOs” to track your points! You might be wondering why we’re not using a counter. The answer? Because its hard to cut a counter’s value in half without doing some real complicated stuff. So we’re gonna count using block code! Fun!

This is the property that will track our KOs, and then we can finally touch the trigger again. Make this block code:

If you’re unsure how to make a variable, just click “Variables”, “Create New Variable”, and then name it whatever you want. Yay!

Anyways, I’m pretty sure you can make the buffs yourself. But how do you get rid of knockouts? Well, um, just do “When player knocked out”, trigger something. Then halve the property using math. Yeah, I’ve been typing this for way too long, and I don’t feel like it anymore. Bye.


You should make that true/false property a number one so you can change the value without blockcode. [1]

  1. just saves a little bit of memory ↩︎


Thank you! I will look into this and test it out a little later.



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