I won't spawn on the spawn pad

So, I was trying to get into my game, to test it. But for some reason every time I spawn, I don’t spawn on the spawn pad. I spawn in the middle of nowhere. Can I fix this?

have you checkedd the settings of the spawn pad?

Yeah I have, and even tried fixing it, but still won’t work.

what are your spawner settings

I have some spawners with pre-game and some with game.

and you want to spawn with the spawn in-game?


have you set allowed player type to everybody

Yea it says ( any team. )

the setting below that? does it say any player type, which includes game hosts, can spawn?


Can you post a picture of the settings?

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here is one

it may be just a bug, since my spawn pads work right now

yea maybe just a bug. I can try and I am going to make new ones and get rid of the ones I have right now.

best to redo it on a new map or replace the pads

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