I will make you a thumbnail cuz I'm bored

I’m bored
and you know I got that gracefulness
so chat…
I’m making thumbnails for all of y’all.
that’s just who I am cough …no I’m not… cough

here some thumbnails I made for other people or myself.


No offense this isn’t allowed you can’t go around asking for thumbnails.


I’m making thumbnails for other people

Then you can do it when someone posts and asks for one.

Hi I need a Thumbnail! It’s an escape prison map and I need it to be hand drawn please.

no problem @Tehebest823

When do you think you’ll make it by?

Hey @Blackout , just wanna let you know that these kinds of topics do add clutter to the forums. They can also turn into a chatroom. I just want to put a fair warning that topics like these do tend to get flagged, so don’t be disappointed if your topic gets closed.

Can you make one for my platforming game?
I would like 3 custom gims (doesn’t matter which ones)
and 3d platforms please, and lines separating each summit.
like this: / / / / /

He’s busy making right now so I don’t think @Blackout would appreciate the spam.

@Blackout check out caternaught’s bedwar thumbnail request, Its Insanely hard for me, I’ve been working on it for a while, maybe you want to try>

Give me 2 hours I will be done.

Ok. I’m at school so please try not to reply.