I want to make a minecraft game and I don’t know where to start

i want food bar and it lowers i want it to were theres chests you can open thinks you can build and tools to be able to chop trees down break rocks and fight bobs and i want crafting recipes to be able to make them.

Minecraft would be very difficult, with no Sentry Interactions or custom items/weapons, but these guides may help:

Hunger Bar:
I know you said that Blizzy’s guide for this wasn’t working, so I’ll try to troubleshoot it with you.


Xp System:


To break them, you could have invisible button-checkers/vending machines in front/near them.

Have you checked out the resources page? It will be very useful, with lots of good and well-thought-out posts:

Any problems going on?

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Since there isn’t an axe in Gimkit, what I use is a silver seed because it looks like the head of an axe. Also if you want to make it so you need an axe to chop down a tree, or something like that, I have an item counter, and whenever I get the item buttons appear where you can chop down the trees, mine the rocks, etc.

Also, world generation would be impossible (currently) unless you want to replicate it with many zones teleporting all over. It would be very complex, with this activating and deactivating. Very memory-consuming, as well.

My suggestion would be to post some suggestions here:

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You can place a tree prop, then make it destroyable, add the desired amount of health, then add a starting inventory device, and select a gadget/weapon, I suggest a wooden wand, and you’re done! (Difficulty::green_square:)

Difficulties are only for Community Made Guides. Sorry for not specifying that.

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Sorry, didn’t know, I’ll do better.


I think that @apoll02 made something along the lines of 2d procedurally created terrain. However, the third dimension is way harder to do stuff in than the second.


Very, VERY, true.