I want to make a game like Nimona

How would I make barrier art, and a overall game like the Netflix movie Nimona, I loved this movie and thought that I could make it in Gimkit, someone help please!
No this isn’t just art, I need game ideas as well…

This has art in it, but I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be in the help area.

Anyways, add action, lots of action, and maybe an advanced mechanic like pseudo health. I watched like - two seconds of it, I forget where, but there was lots of action. Also maybe use the camera view for cinematic shots off screen, like a movie.

Edit: This should be in help, It’s not just about art.

I could do that, and also I didn’t put it in the art category, someone else edited it and changed it.
Thank you for changing it back

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i can make some barrier art for you, just tell me what you need done

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