I want to make a game called Waterbrawl (Please help me)

It is inspired by Shiloh and Bros series “If Water Fights Had Mods”

So basically if you haven’t seen the video, there are two teams. Each person has a role. Like 1 person on team 1 has engineer and so does someone on team 2 or something.

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um so there is a fighter and engineer?

Runner-Moves a tiny bit faster

What roles would you use for this(list them if you want) it will probably help us figure out some ideas

This might give you some ideas

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Dodger-Higher Chance Of dodging Water Shots (10% Chance)

You should always include some sort of healer/medic

You could also make like an item shop to buy stuff like buffs or different weapons(water weapons)

One called “The Monster” w/ REALLY high attack, but much lower health, so he’ll do a ton of damage, but for a limited time.

Roles I cannot include:
Scout- runs faster
Engineer- Can build Walls

I am not trying to remake it completely

Oh wait I need more help.