I want to get sentries on your team but without adding teams

i want it to be where the sentries dont fight you they fight enemies players but without being on a team, so for example it would be like your body guard in a battle royale

You can’t really make them follow you as a bodyguard in a battle royale.

This is a bit difficult, but I need more details.

im making a box pvp and one of the abilities is getting a “bodyguard” i want to do that but without any teams

Why no teams?

You could make a sentry for every team. If it’s up to 8 people in the box Fights, and 16 squares, it can be up to 108 sentries, which is over the budget. It’ll be a bit difficult and memory consuming. You could make it so they are in only 4 squares near the players spawn, but.

I don’t know how that really would work. I’m not technical, so you might have to ask someone else. I’m also really busy right now. Tried my best to help.

Maybe barriers? It’s tough. Wait! You might be able to through blocks. In a free for all every person is their own team. If you can switch the sentries team too the triggering players team.

it would have to be team as of right now there is no way around that.

Can’t, it’s set by the developer/game creator and can’t be changed in game. Once it’s a team, example, team 1, it’s set. Can’t change.

Thanks. You can switch to the team though.

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technically you could if its either going to stay still or waste a lot of memory on EVERY SINGLE PIXEL of movement for sentries

technically you can make it so the person pressing it activates a checker (or whatever it was called again that checks the team, havent done gimkit creative in awhile) and then spawns that sentry

its gonna be activated using zones will that work, player enters zone…?

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