I want t make an SCP roleplay game, similar to the roblox game Facility Roleplay

I like to play this game on roblox called Facility Roleplay.

In this game you have three main teams, the Test Subjects, which are just like SCP D-class, you have the Centum security, which are the Scientists, Bio-hazard units, and regular types of security operatives, and you have the Osiris Collective, which are tasked with capturing samples from the facility, and helping the test subjects escape the facility. I want each team to have different ranks with different weapons and perks.

If I could get some ideas or help with this plan, that would be wonderful. Thanks…

SCPs are not appropriate for children as young as 6.


It is more of the science game, you have to find a cure to an infection that is spreading through the facility

Still… the Sam thing is still true.

then just let it get taken down if it gets published if he’s not planning to publish it it’s probably fine

How would I make three teams so they all fight?

I highly doubt it. What’s the point of making a complex game if no one plays it?

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they get to play it themselves if it actually requires skill it’ll be fun for them but if they already know all the secrets well then less fun but at least they get to see the wonders they’ve built and can improve on! :3

I just need the designs for the main layout, just what to build it out of, ideas?

instead of scp, if you want it published, put like: monster science roleplay or something like that

Oh ok, I’ll do that thanks