I want some help

I need help thinking of a system that allows for gadget fire but no one can knockout each other.

In the map settings, there is a setting that disables pvp damage.


Mark a solution please

I think there’s a setting for weapons that when used, it wont do any damage. If not, then get a zone and put no fireing or smth idk.

Second one doesn’t work, but just saying.

But what @th3_ca1tsune is correct, so yeah.

(Your leaving too…? Aw man… almost everyone here that I’m friends with is leaving :frowning: )

not me tho. I’m still here

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also my game crashed when I was trying to get gimcoins so here I am @Txme_Lxss

What @th3_ca1tsune said


I JUST DISCOVERED FOXY IS LEAVING TOO (cause forums now blocked for her)


like all the forums helpers are leaving :sob:

I can’t name anyone else off the top of my head that helps a lot on posts, like they try to help no matter what. Man…

What about TryEverything?

He’s gone a while ago

Last post Feb. 8

Man, so many people are gone now…

dang bro I’m sorry dude.

I found the solution

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This is off topic now. stop posting there is already a solution

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Not exactly. A couple things possible. 1. I ask the mods to suspend me till June 1st. 2. I go like Haiasi. 3. I don’t leave/i watch from the shadows. It’ll probably be 1 or 2. I’ll still be on Padlet, wix (maybe not on there yet), and eventually I might get on the discord. Please don’t flag, I have no where else to say so he can see it clearly.

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For now, I’ll say your leaving. But it’s a small break.

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