I wanna make an elevator

I know I just LITERALLY bumped a guide with elevator, but hear me out…

You can use block code, but I want to make an elevator that’s global for everyone. If one person clicks a floor first, I want 5, then everyone will go on that floor. Basically I just want a working elevator, that’s global for everyone.

Use a relay set to all players

use a button, a relay and a teleporter

@Magenta_Dragon, please help this man, work your magic and such, I don’t know.

Ok, but I also want like it so the doors close, then open, but I want it, so that they go up, floor they can choose, wait…

Use buttons for the floor select

Ok, heres what I can do.

Animation for each elevator floor

Button was popup

Make my own elevator

Use Relays

Make it global for everyone, so if they are in that elevator, they can walk out of it, and walk in, and yeah.

I want to make it so that it’s only for the people in the elevator tho. How can I od that?

Make them switch to a team, and the relay effect only that team

Use a wire connected to a prop you want as a door and button to open

Ok. I’ll try it myself, and If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to this guide. Maybe in a week, so no one say I’m necroposting!

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