I use this guide but i can't get it working

i use this How to Make a k$ll Button That Drops a Dead Body guide and i can’t get it working

it’s just a knockout manager that makes players drop an item

i know but it don’t work

um reread the guide or look at the comments to see if other people had problems

“It doesn’t work” is not enough information we need to know what doesn’t work

true but not every one knows exactly what to say when they are new

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Can you specify what you need help with?

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i don’t much to say but it just don’t do nothing i tag them but they don’t change team or nothing
Screenshot 2024-04-25 10.43.01 AM

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Sounds like your problems lie in either a relay or KO manager.


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Welcome @agentdoom, to the place that is an expIosion if it was social media. Read the rules, be nice, do all that stuff. Anyways, just have a lifecycle that detects when a player knocks out, and wire it to a item granter that grants an item if you want. Also, just an FYI, ded b0dies aren’t allowed in GKC.
Edit: nvm with the last part, the thing is just an item.


I will try to do step-by-step and make sure I have everything right

oop sorry jnbujxhvdufvhdugvhn

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I didn’t know what you meant, maybe just have an inventory manager that sets the max of an item to 0.

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do you think you could help me?

Screenshot 2024-04-24 9.05.15 PM

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: lol ok bye