I turned a barrier's visibility on, and it was invisible

I turned a barrier’s visibility on, and it was invisible, but when I turned it off, it was visible.

what do you mean turn it on it should be already activated unless you change it

that’s what I ment

well I mean yeah it’s a bug but mark the solution since you have one ig

can i see your settings? like, all of them

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okee thanks you
very much

true to mark the person who answered the question as the solution instead of yourself

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I think that if you delete the barrier, put a new barrier, set everything to normal, I think it should work, this time set visibility to on not off. It should work!

they found their solution, but that should work too. @notadam17, if you found your solution, please mark one for the sake of your notifications

edit: not this but oh well, i have to get up at 6 am tomorrow so i might as well just go


sorry if this is clutter but

a) do u have it activated
b) does it have transparency?

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