I tried to make it when you DON'T have the item for a movement meter it makes you faster

However it still makes you slow even when i plug in the speed as 4.00? Any ideas on why/or how to fix it?

Could you show the wires and settings?

this is a weird glitch that has been a thing for a while, idk why it does this, there is no solution I think… I even set the speed to 100 one time and it didn’t do anything… Its weird, may wanna suggest in gimkit.nolt.io to fix that problem


This is because the movement meter automatically stops you when you don’t have the required item.

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ok, thanks ill try and find a way around it.

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wait, I will test this out and see if I can make it work @Prepared_DM

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So you want them to go fast when they DON’T have an item and normal speed when they do?

the movement meter if set to 4.00 speed when item runs out doesn’t work how you think it does, or maybe it just doesn’t work at all, its weird

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You’ll have to wait for the player to get that required item or give it manually for it to work because the MM stops you.
If the movement meter is set to set you at a certain speed, I think it overrides the effect of the Speed Modifier.
I may be wrong though.

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@Prepared_DM if you want it to be like the thing I thought you want it to be like above can’t you add a lifecycle and a speed modifier. Wire both. Add a item granter, checker, and another speed modifier. This time make the speed modifier speed normal. And make the checker check for the item you need . Wire the checker to the speed modifier 2 and say [check passes- configure to that speed]