I really need some help with this problem

Sooo I want to be mentioned often on art topics like void fluffy but I never get mentioned. Can somebody help me with this? I always try my best but it never works out like this thumbnail

So can somebody please help me?

honestly, sometimes its simple, people dont want you’re thumbnails.
and you dont need to be mentioned, the best you can do is try to get better. people like voidfluffy have been making thumbnails for awhile and have alot more experience, don’t compare yourself to that.


Speedy’s right. You can’t compare yourself to someone who is alot better than you and expect yourself to be at their level all the time. I’m not going to sugarcoat this, people may just not like your art. I’ve tried so much to give you advice, and you just ignore it. How do expect to get better when you don’t even listen to people trying to help you?

also, don’t pity yourself. No one likes a pity party

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Stop looking for popularity. That’s step 1.


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