I probably can't make this accurate, but can I make American Football?

As most of you know, the Super Bowl just went on, and Chiefs won. I want to make my own football game to play with my friends, but I don’t think it’s really possible to do that.

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Make it a flag with a waypoint attatched. That’s the best thing I can think of. When you enter a Zone device, your team gets a point. I don’t know how to throw the ball. Also, it would have to be two-hand-touch football, unless when you tag someone there’s a minigame and whoever wins gets the “flag.” I’m not fully sure how to do this, but it’s a start!

Go Chiefs! I didn’t see how it ended, so thanks for the knowledge. :football:

It may be possible in a future update, but sadly it isn’t now, @PhoenixFire.

Wait… the chiefs won? Ouch…

I don’t follow football.

You could make an item named football, and then you could somehow work out how to make the down, yard lines, and field goal stuff. But I suggest that instead of throwing you could just have handoffs only. You could have the quarterback drop the ‘football’ an then someone could pick it up.

How can you create an item??

You can’t but you could use an item and say its really a football in disguise.

You could use a brown seed, or a flag as I said earlier.

Flag Football Ideas - Help - Gimkit Creative

I HAD THE SAME IDEA GO TO THAT LINK, some very good ideas in there.