I posted my map 4 months ago and I've only got 42 plays. Any ideas on what might be happening?

I’ve played it about 11 times, but it only has 42 plays.

You could advertise it in your bio and on the wix
also people might or like the genre or gameplay

People don’t want to play your game. simple.


Why not? It’s very high quality.

Map probably was taken down because it probably did not follow the community guidelines.
Signing off for the night, contact me in the morning if you need me!

Maps need:
A good thumbnail
Interesting Description and title that draws the players

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Yeah, i had the Exact same issue as him/her, though i have those things
Except mine was removed from search

FAX… but it is also possible that people don’t know about his game, I never published a map so Idk how hard it is to get plays…

Tell me the name of your map and I’ll try to find out what the problem is.

Ultimate Battle Royale

for one search goes by description not title
insert the game name in the description so it can show up more

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I already did. And I’ve shared it a lot too

  1. update it more
  2. test for bugs often
  3. good thumbnail

That’s wierd…

check check and check

That’s also a generic name. Maybe add some uniqueness so it doesn’t get covered up by other games with the same title? [1]

  1. @Foxy, can you please write your bio paragraph for GK8? It is literally the last thing I need before I can publish the new update. ↩︎


for the vending machine or the little credit area? I can put it in my bio once I’m done

I did have the title snowball fight ultimate. I changed the title one day ago.

The character bios area.

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Those are still generic names though. My don’t you use an uncommon adjective instead of ultimate?