I needed help, I don't anymore

Please help. I have tried everything. (I might just delete the map)

can you please explain what you need?

To make things dark, use a dark barrier to cover the map. For dividing teams, go to map options and on teams, pick split evenly.

also you can’t publish a FNAF map

For the third concern you need help with:

Making a room dark can be done with this guide:

Fine-tune the barrier to be at a larger scale so it makes the darlness more apparant.

This is a partial solution, so I will add a solved counter to your title.

If modifications are made and they come up with their own ideas like using original characters and modifications, then it could pass as being publishable.

Think of Everywhere at the end of Time for example. The first song from the album was Heartaches. *Heartaches

  • was modified with effects and such, so it would fit in the album perfectly. Guess what? EATEOT did not get a copyright strike, and it’s on bandcamp.

So, to publish a map related to FNAF, you need to modify the characters in a way that makes them original.

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