I need your opinions

What kind of weapons should I use for my Hunger Games Gimkit?

*Also, how do I make and add art? What kinds are there?

  1. Mostly want to use a blaster or zapper

  2. There is a thing called emoji art, you can add it by placing down the text device then pasting in the emoji art.

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You probably should add like 1 or 2 legendaries, and make blasters and quantum portals a little rare.

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slingshots, snowball launchers, and evil wands. They seem like the best fit.

That’s a more complex question than it sounds, but here’s my best answer (in the short time I have since I have like 4 min to write this)

Types of art:

  • Emoji Art (can be dynamic and is therefore very very worthwhile to learn)
  • Pixel Art (same concept as emoji art but instead each it’s basically a string of square colored emoji’s)
  • Barrier art, not very recommended unless you have a bunch of spare memory.
  • Prop art, limited to what it can do.

Weapons you could add:

  • Custom weapons/traps that you can place and trigger (complex)
  • Mix of normal gimkit weapons (lower damage should have more ammo/higher firerate)

It would be cool if you had to harvest materials from the map and find a crafting table or whatever in the center to get more ammo…

yeah, the best for a hunger games map would be barrier and prop art. emoji really isn’t that usefull(only for certain parts of the map).

Depends on user preference in my opinion. Since you can make custom emoji’s (something I haven’t really seen yet) using a bunch of online sites, it’s technically unlimited.

true, but sadly not all of those custom emojis show up. I have made a few and only 2 of the 5 worked. But yeah its all based on the user.

This is semi off-topic, but I wonder what defines what emoji’s can be pasted in?

well sort of the color and cartoon-ish styled stuff, because they are a cartoony image they stick out a bit on a normal map, so they only look good if its for a map that is ment to be cartoon-ish.

For weapons I would just use all of them, unless your trying to make it realistic.